Designing Experiences

Scenario : Received a phone call from a prospective client for design consulting. Sir we had researched out your firm and our contacts have strongly advised to consult you on the designing on our new product.

We want you to design a Product xxxx, with features yyyy. I am working with a software firm to design the software and a hardware team to put together the charging circuit and the monitor visibility etc., We are also putting together a content team which works on content. We want you to design the product for us . Can you send us the proposal. Designing Experiences

Unwritten rules

Unwritten rules that we follow at Centroid;
1. Start from ground zero – We don’t know anything about the project- start like a kid – curiosity approach to question every obvious questions.
2. Learn to Unlearn – With our experience we carry lots of excess baggage, which might not be relevant with the changing scenarios. So we learn to unlearn and look at the scenario from the customers perspective. Understand the world they live in their shoes. Unwritten rules