Designing Experiences

Scenario : Received a phone call from a prospective client for design consulting. Sir we had researched out your firm and our contacts have strongly advised to consult you on the designing on our new product.

We want you to design a Product xxxx, with features yyyy. I am working with a software firm to design the software and a hardware team to put together the charging circuit and the monitor visibility etc., We are also putting together a content team which works on content. We want you to design the product for us . Can you send us the proposal.

Educating the Customer:

In a new product like yours and being a startup – Working on known items that works should be the last step – we know the software, hard ware, content and designing a product xxx will work – its an out put of a fixed brief.

In products like yours we need to go beyond and look further for the experience of the user. We should not design and give it to them. We should design along with them. Its is so easy to work on known items which will give results, and major amount of money will be spent on these known items.

But with no money spent, we can with help of first level prototypes from the backyard put together the product that you are envisaging, give it to the user and observe. Get insights and stories documented about experiences that this product gives.

Designing Experiences

With these insights we need to further design experiences to the context. We are now working on the unknowns and working with the user with their feedbacks. At a fraction of the cost and time that we will be working on known items.

The client was first so restricted in understanding my point of view, but later at the end of the conversation was so convinced that this is the way to go.

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