COZART – Crafted by designers

Cozart ( is a decor brand from our Centroid design studio.

The target consumer is a connoisseur of fine things in life. Young at heart and connected with the contemporary culture.

The Values we build in to our product are  Truthful (Original)+ Fresh (Everlasting)+ Universal (Cutting boundaries). The Design style is  a blend of minimalist surfaces with patterns & hues creating an ultramodern touch resulting in a unique aesthetic feel.

The designs don’t call for attention and blends itself with its background – Subtle with no shouting.

Clean surfaces + Defined edges + striking pattern overlay

Our first range of products we have designed are for desktop accessories – Pen holders, flower pots, planters and a range of tealight holders.

We are expanding our range to Lights, Decorative tiling for Home, office and retail use.


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