Tractor- Design for the Indian farmer

The existing tractor of the MNC model, the front face looks like a skeleton and was looking weak.

The requirements from the Indian farmers were, they wanted a muscular looking, bold tractors. Centroid assisted the client in understanding the requirements from the farmer, converting them as a design brief, analysing the constraints and with minimal parts differentiation aligning with the visual feel required were the scope.

0016_sameold08 0016_sameold09

The top panel and the side panels were kept the same, the frontal, lower side panels and the Dashboard – new options were generated.  Dashboard different styles were shown.

0016_sameold05 0016_sameold04 0016_sameold03

Prototypes of the models were done and the product was showcased and launched during the dealer conference in 2008.

Detailed engineering of the panels parts were done and we worked along with the vendors for instrument cluster design.

0016_sameold11 0016_sameold10

The Product had muscular lower side panel flaps, and the front looks were made to be bulky and powerful. The Feel on the dashboard was made to be meaty and the styling lines to follow the overall feel of the product.


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