Hobs – Stunning design Exceptional performance


A rigours design thinking methodology by Centroid Design lead to a stunning design – as desired by the customer Elica.

Empathy Studies : Existing hob customers and customers intending to buy – were observed in terms of their buying pattern, changing customer needs, their cooking style and their usage pattern – with an open mind. We unlearn all the knowledge of cooking with and observed every single touch point with fresh eyes – like a new kid on the block.

Define : The empathy studies – gave us a whole lot of insights to ideate. Elica as a company for their chimneys – get the designs and products from Italy. The Hob designs need to match that standard in terms of design quality and brand design quality.

Ideate : A range of concepts – for a range of HOBs were designed, ideas were discussed from a holistic perspective to bring in a emotional appeal to the customer and also every touch point was addressed to bring in a enhanced feel from usability and aesthetic perspective.

Prototype / Refine : Rapid prototypes were done and the preliminary prototypes were shown to the customer and with feedbacks from them, the concepts were refined further and the final moulds were made.

Centroid and Elica – worked hand in hand in bringing out the product to a reality. A great moment for our client and we designers who worked tirelessly on the product.


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